28 junio 2009

Harvey: Kate, I’m so sorry I wasn’t there.
Kate: Harvey, I like you, I really do. And I had a lovely time – it was great. But, you know, I don’t really do fountains at noon. I live in Willesden. And you live in..
Harvey: White Plains.
Kate: Exactly. And we’re not teenagers, so – you know, monday morning and life kicks in, all that jobs and family and brown envelopes with bills in. It was a lovely day and I won’t forget it, but it’s not exactly real life…
Harvey: It is. It can be.
Kate: No, Harvey, it’s not.
Harvey: Kate, I want this. I want you.
Kate: But it’s not just about you, is it? You don’t know anything about me. Look at me. It’s pathetic. I expected you not to show, for God’s sake. I think I even wanted you not to be there, it’s easier that way.
You – you just dive in wherever deep end..whoosh. But, I’m not your bloody swimming pool, Harvey. And I am not going to do it, I’m not going to do it because it will hurt. Not right now, maybe, but soon – there will be a “It’s not quite working” or a “I need some space” or whatever it is and it’ll end and it’ll hurt and I won’t do it,  I won’t and…I…Oh fuck, I don’t want to cry. I don’t want this…
I think it’s actually easier for me to be disappointed. I think I’m actually angry at you for trying to take that away.
Harvey: Should I take that as a hopeful sign? If you just give me a little wider smile..
Kate: Oh, shut up, Harvey. So how’s this going to work, Mr Shine?
Harvey: I have absolutely no idea…But it will. I promise you that.
Kate: Shall we walk?
Harvey: Yes.
[After a short while Kate stops, puts her hand on Harvey’s shoulder and takes off her shoes.]
Kate: That’s better.
Harvey: I think you’re my kinda girl.








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