24 mayo 2009

[Shot of Locke’s hand putting a knife into Walt’s hand. Walt throws the knife at a tree, but it bounces off.]

WALT: Man, I suck.

LOCKE: You can do better than that.

BOONE: You might want to take it easy on him.

LOCKE: [pointing at the tree] See this knot, Walt? I want you to aim for it, right here. Focus on it, alright? Picture it in your mind’s eye. You know what that is, right? The mind’s eye?

WALT: Like a picture in your head or som. . .

LOCKE: That’s right. Now do it again. But see it. See it before you do it. Visualize the path. See it. See it.

[Walt gets ready to throw again. Shot of Vincent looking off toward a sound. Walt throws the knife and it sticks this time.]

BOONE: Whoa.

WALT: Yes!

LOCKE: I knew you had it in you, Walt.

WALT: It was weird. I actually saw it, in my mind or something, like it was real.

LOCKE: Who’s to say it wasn’t? [Locke hands the knife back to Walt.]



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